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Course Overview

If you don't have time for regular classes, don't worry! Now you can learn Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security at your home, with i3indya's Distance Learning Kit for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. It is a 15 days module and it will cover following Topics:

ADVANCE MODULE 1.1 iEHCS (i3indya Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security)
Day Topics Duration


Fundamental of Ethical Hacking

Hacking Vs. Ethical Hacking

Types of Hackers

Skill Profile of a Hacker

Some Famous Hackers and Groups

Cyber World

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cyber world

Cyber World as a Home of hackers

3 Hours


Overview of Cyber Law

Introduction To Cyber Law

Cyber Laws Indian

Technical Aspect Of Indian Cyber Law

IT ACT 2000 & 2008

Internet Crimes And Frauds

Cyber Law Cases In India

Organization Under Cyber Laws

Advantages Of Cyber Laws

2 Hours


Information Gathering

What Is Information Gathering & Why Hackers Need This?

Types Of Information Gathering

Information Gathering Using Websites

Information Gathering Using Software

Information Gathering Using Add-Ons

Search Engines- Smart Way Of Information Gathering

Scanning And Enumeration

Tracing - E-Mail, Mobile Phone, Intruder

5 Hours


Virtualization & System Cloning

Introduction Of Virtualization

Need & Use Of Virtualization


Installing OS On Virtual Machines

Networking In Virtual Machines

System Cloning


Other Tools For Virtualization

3 Hours


Windows Hacking & Security (Win 8 & Win 7)

Windows OS & Securit

Hacking Into System By Changing Passwords

Getting Access To System By Elevating Privileges

Finding Out The Passwords Of Windows

Bypassing The Windows Security

Hack from Guest to Admin

Password in Plain Text Directly

Hacking By USB Devices

Mitigation Of System Attacks

Setting Up A Secure System

5 Hours


Password Cracking Techniques

What is Password Cracking

Types of Password Cracking Techniques

How Different Password Crackers Work

Windows Password Cracking

FTP / Network Password Cracking

Zip/ RAR Password Cracking

Doc & PDF Password Cracking

Using GPU For Password Cracking

Password Security

3 Hours


Data Hiding Techniques

What Is Steganography

How Attacker Hides His Data In Images And Other Formats

How To Find Data Which Are Hidden

What Is Cryptography

Advanced Cryptography Tools

How Are Programs And Data Wrapped

Secure Measures To Protect Our Data

3 Hours


Hacking By Batch Programming & Scripting

Basics Of Scripting

Languages Used In Scripting

Writing Your First Program

Malacious Program Scripting

  • >>Process Killer
  • >>Firewall Killer
  • >>Antivirus Killer
  • >>System Killer

Session Hijacking Using Batch Scripting

Data Theft Using Batch Script

Automation Using Scripting

Designing Tools Using Scripting

Developing Security Tools Using Scripting.

3 Hours


Hacking by Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers & Spywares

What is Trojan?

Trojans Attack Big Famous Cases

Types Of Trojans

Different way a Trojan Can Get Into A System

How We Create A Trojan and Control System

How Attacker Bypass Your Antivirus By Trojans

Analysis Of Trojans/Virus

How we remove Trojans Manually

Security Against Trojans

4 Hours


Malware Analysis & Fake Antivirus Detections

Introduction of Malware

Types of Malware

Common Malwares In Cyber

Types of Malware Analysis

  • >>Behavior Analysis
  • >>Code Analysis

Manual Malware Analysis

Tools for Malware Analysis


3 Hours


IDS, IPS and Honeypots

Overview of IDS, IPS & Honeypot

Use of IDS & IPSAssignment & Revision

Installation of IDS & IPS

Prevention & Detection

Honeypot & its Types

Implementation - Honeypots

Honeypot Tools

3 Hours


Proxy Server & Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology

Proxy And Types Of Proxies

Why Hackers Use Proxy?

How To Hide IP Address While Chatting

How To Open Block Website In College/Companies

Convert Your Machine As Proxy Server With HTTPS Proxy

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Proxy

Analyzing Proxy Bug

How Proxy Hack Your Passwords Etc

What Is Better Than Proxy

What Is VPN?

Why We Use VPN

Advantage & Disadvantage Of VPN

Free VPN


3 Hours


Google Database Hacking

Introduction And Working Of Search Engines

List Of Common Search Engines On Web

Comparing And Choosing Best Search Engine

Dorks For Hacking Search Engines

Tools For Search Engines Hacking

Web Ripping

Finding Admin Pages And Weakness In Site

Security Against Search Engine Hacking

3 Hours


Case Study



Exam – Theory & Practical


DLK Content




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