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A workshop on "VOICE CONTROLLED ROBOT" presented by i3indya Technologies.

This workshop is related to speech processing which will be actuated with the robot wirelessly for controlling its different actions. We will be using MATLAB for speech processing and for wireless communication we will be using Bluetooth module. Whatever voice command you will give, it will react as same.

Workshop Benefits

  • Current scenario/job opportunities of embedded industries.

  • Understanding the skill set required in a new employee in embedded industry.

  • Understanding the robotics future and scope Understanding the different microcontroller available in the industry & their use.

  • In-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous robot Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.

Voice Controlled Robot


Topics To Be Covered

  • Introduction to Robotics.

  • Introduction to Embedded systems.

  • Introduction to programming in embedded.

  • Introduction to Motors.

  • Introduction to GUI.

  • Introduction to speech processing.

  • Introduction to fuzzification and quantization procedure.


  • Practical 1 : Blinking of LED.

  • Practical 2 : Burning the program on Hardware with some differe LED patterns.

  • Practical 3 : Turn ON/OFF Buzzer at desired delay.

  • Practical 4 : Rotate the motor in backward and forward Direction.

  • Practical 5 : Transferring data serially from PC to microcontroller.

  • Practical 6 : Glowing of LED wirelessly using Bluetooth of Laptop.

  • Practical 7 : Motor controlling wirelessly using Bluetooth of Laptop.

  • Practical 8 : Numbers & arithmetic operations in MATLAB.

  • Practical 9 : GUI using pussbuttons.

  • Practical 10 : Blinking of LEDs using GUI.

  • Practical 11 : Detection of speech spectrum.

  • Practical 12 : Create a GUI for calling any image.

  • Project 1 : Autonomous Bot at some delay.

  • Project 2 : PC controlled Bot.

  • Project 3 : Bluetooth/Mobile controlled Robot.

  • Project 4 : GUI controlled Robot.

  • Project 5 : Design an installer package(.exe file).

  • Project 6 : Voice Controlled Robot.


  • Basic of Electronics.

  • Basic knowledge Programming Language (like C).

TOOL KIT COMPONENTS (Per Team of 5 for PRACTICE Purpose only during workshop)

MINITron™ Board 01
DC Motors 02
1-pin relimate wire 10
HC-05 Bluetooth 01
URP 01
6 pin relimate 01
USB to TTL 01
USBasp Programmer 01
9-12V DC Adapter 01

Who Could Attend ?

  • Students seeking future in Embedded and Robotics Industry.

  • Robotics enthusiasts who want to accomplish the impossible.

  • Any Engineering student of any year and any branch is eligible for this workshop.

  • College teaching staff & faculties and workshop coordinators.

Why Learn From i3indya ?

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