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About Workshop

A workshop on "Mobile Controlled Robot" presented by i3indya Technologies.

i3indya™ presents a beginner level of robotics workshop, specially designed for the hobbyist wishing to just enter in the field of Robotics. This workshop would deal with understanding the basic parts of a Robot and applying the same with kits provided by i3indya™. Firstly they will implement DC power supply which is going to be used in the whole circuitry at the end of session; participants would be able to build a switch controlled robot and a mobile operated robot.

Workshop Benefits

  • Current scenario/job opportunities of embedded industries.

  • Understanding the skill set required in a new employee in embedded industry.

  • Understanding the robotics future scope and Understanding the different microcontroller available in the industry & their use.

  • In-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous robot Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts

Mobile Controlled Robot


Topics To Be Covered

  • Introduction to Robotics.

  • Introduction to the automation technology.

  • Introduction to the embedded system devices.

  • Future scopes and job opportunities in embedded system and robotics.

  • Introduction to voltage regulator.

  • Introduction to resistor & capacitors.

  • Introduction to the DTMF Technology.

  • Introduction to DTMF Decoder IC.

  • Motor driver IC L293D.


  • Practical 1 : Glowing of LED on Bread Board

  • Practical 2 : Making of filter circuit.

  • Practical 3 : Key patterns on DTMF board on led.

  • Practical 4 : Making connection for L293D on Bread-board.

  • Practical 5 : Chassis Assembling.

  • Project 1 : Circuit development and testing of power supply on Bread Board.

  • Project 2 : Mobile Controlled Robot.


  • Basic of Electronics.

  • Basic of Electronics and digital circuitry.

TOOL KIT COMPONENTS (Per Team of 5 for PRACTICE Purpose only during workshop)

Bread Board 01
DC Motors 02
URP(without clamps) 01
DC Adapter 01
DTMF Board 01
Audio Cable 01
Single tone loose wire + 1pin Relimate 20 + 6
Components packet (LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors, Lm7805etc.) 01

Who Could Attend ?

  • Students seeking future in Embedded and Robotics Industry.

  • Robotics enthusiasts who want to accomplish the impossible.

  • Any Engineering student of any year and any branch is eligible for this workshop.

  • College teaching staff & faculties and workshop coordinators.

Why Learn From i3indya ?

  • Experienced and qualified cyber security trainers

  • Cyber Advisor to CBI, Cyber Cell, DRDO, NIA and several other government departments

  • Vast experience of solving Public and Private Cyber Cases

  • Assisted Law Enforcement officers of CBI,IB,NIA,Cyber Cell Delhi,MP,UP,UK,Nepal,Malaysian, Govt, Sri-Lanka CID etc.

  • We believe that knowledge grows only when it is shared.

  • i3indya is one of the organisation dedicated to Information Security And Computer Forensics

  • Self Prepared Cyber Security Cell And R&D Lab for Research Purpose

  • Training Partners of Nation-wide recognised MNC like :


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